Happy New Year! My Favorite Posts of 2021

This is my 30th post! Making it to a round number is celebratory. I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the past year (2021) with you. I hope you find them helpful in your homeschool.

This is my 30th post! Making it to a round number is celebratory. I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the past year (2021) with you. I hope you find them helpful in your homeschool.

My Top Posts

1. The Reason (Why We Homeschool)

This was the very first post I wrote on My Little Brick Schoolhouse. If you are curious about our reason, I think you should read it. “My family is just one tiny dot in an ocean of homeschooling families. I know we are nothing special, and there are so many wiser people who have come before. But I do have a song to sing. Can I share it with you?”

2. Resources for the First Half of Classical Conversations Cycle 1

Here is the booklist I compiled to align with the first twelve weeks of Classical Conversations Foundations Program, Cycle 1 (Ancient History). I hope it serves you in some way. Even if you are not in Classical Conversations, the list is subdivided by content areas: math, fine arts, geography, history and science. Anyone can find some titles on the list that are enjoyable to read with family!

3. Tea Time Discipleship

I love tea time. This is how we have incorporated tea time into our homeschool days.

4. My Kids Know that I like them (just because we can days!)

I am feeling a February slump coming on… fast! So, I have already put our next JBWCD on the calendar. I hope you find freedom in the fact that we can enjoy our kids for an entire day, no strings attached or agendas to fulfill!

5. A Living Story: Ole Kirk Kristiansen and LEGO®

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This Danish man’s legacy amazes me. Read more about the founder of the LEGO® company here.

6. How I Plan A Homeschool

I wrote this in May to give you all a glimpse into the process I take in homeschool planning for the year. I hope it helps you in some way!

7. Garnering Wisdom As Our Year Ends

Even though I wrote this from an end-of-the-school-year vantage point, I could definitely take some time to do a midyear evaluation. What am I learning now, in January? What do I need to do differently?

The Newsletter

If you’d like to keep updated on our homeschool journey, receive updates on my book, and be privy to exclusive resources that pair with the booklists I create, then please sign up for my newsletter!

A newsletter is a better way for me to connect with my special readers than social media, if I am being honest. Although I see the merits of social media, the conversation gets much more robust in the newsletter. Maybe you would like to reframe some ways of thinking and start looking at life from a different perspective. Well, that’s what I’m working on, too! I would love to share more about that with you in the newsletter, so do not miss out!

Tea Time Discipleship

For the Love of Tea

          “Would you like a spot of tea?” My little girl cast a knowing look over to the hostess at the family-owned restaurant we were frequenting for breakfast.  The lady was clearly amused, and in her British accent responded, “That’s what we British are known for, I suppose!”  With an uncanny knowledge of accents and the finer things, my little girl gave all of us a laugh.  But I know how she developed this idea into her schema of life experiences. 

A Tradition is Born

Oh, tea time!  Our tradition was born out of a need for productive, enjoyable time in the afternoons.  As the afternoons become longer and two out of my three children do not nap, we discover that tea time is just our afternoon version of morning time.  I put some water in the tea kettle, let it simmer, then add a little bit of milk and sugar to some tea for all of us.  We use china.  We usually have treats.  It is laid-back, and usually an enjoyable experience.  Keep in mind, the two children are 4 and 6, so I cannot expect them to be attentive longer than 45 minutes, even with food.  Nonetheless, I have come to enjoy this special time to encourage proper manners, treating others with hospitality and grace, and a change of pace. 

What It Involves

The afternoon tea happens once a week, as this is what is manageable for us.  We skip morning time on this day because I need margin in my week.  Morning time happens in the afternoon on the day of tea time.  In our tea time, we usually begin with saying the blessing and passing the food around (ladies go first).  Napkins go on laps.  My children are encouraged to share what they have learned that day, then we practice catechism, review our Bible verse, color stationary around the poem we’ve been reading all week, listen to a song, do picture study, then do some CC memory work (just 1 or 2 subjects).

Future Tea Times

 I hope to make our tea times in the future even more laid-back.  Honestly, this was my survival mechanism for getting to morning time at least 3 times a week! With all 3 kids at home this upcoming year (no preschool drop-off and pick-up), I am banking on more time together, which will translate into more time to do morning time regularly (like 4 times a week instead of just 3).  I also plan to still set aside a tea time, but make it a lot more open-ended.  We can do our read-aloud then, or just talk about our dreams and discoveries!  We can read poetry and jokes from a joke book.  Will my youngest still be napping at that age?  Probably not.  He will have tea-time in his own way with us, if that shall be.  Anyway, I would be remiss to not place credit where credit is due.  Sally Clarkson inspired me to begin a tea time.  It makes so much sense, if your afternoons are slower, and you have nowhere pressing to be, and your toddler is napping!  So, thank you, Sally! I am indebted to you. I want next year’s tea time to be more about discipleship, less about getting things checked off a list!

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