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The Problem

Are we entering into a period where timeless, noble ideas are scarce?

Does it matter if your library rejects the classic books?

Have you had a hard time finding stories of redemption?

Are you able to share stories of flawed, complex characters with your kids, and still point them to a redemptive resolution? If not a redemptive resolution, how about a timeless truth or moral lesson about humans?

Do kids get to see themselves in what they are reading? Do they get to see outside of themselves in what they are reading?

What if we decided that it matters to obtain good, living books, preserving them for our homes and for future generations?

So, What is a LIVING Book?

A Living Book:

  • is told in narrative form
  • is written by an passionate expert on the subject (usually just one author)
  • makes the story come to life for the reader
  • ignites the imagination
  • fires the emotions
  • contains facts, but is not just the facts
  • points to lofty, noble ideas
  • does not necessarily shy away from the flawed nature of man, but seeks to show the redemptive work


That ordinary people would see it as their duty to the next generation to curate virtuous, living books and focus their time and attention on reading them with their children.


To create booklists spanning a wide range of subjects that make it easier for readers to access and think about noble ideas, truth, and beauty. We are not perfect people, but despite our imperfection, we can see redemptive work in our lives.


All people deserve to see timeless truth, goodness, and beauty as image bearers of the one, true God.


1. As modern people, we can preserve the books that matter to us and to our children. I like to think of ourselves as modern monks. While libraries may have a different agenda, we can make sure we read good, living books by accessing them now.

2. We can connect with our children by reading with them.


My name is Holly.

I am:
Founder of My Little Brick Schoolhouse
Author of living books
Mother to three
Wife to one
Homeschool mom in an eclectic, Christ-centered home since 2018
Classical Education and Charlotte Mason enthusiast
The nature study teacher at co-op (see below)
Inspired by our travels
Imperfect and leaning on God to help me grow in wisdom, patience, humility
May Christ get the glory.

I wash dishes as I listen to podcasts.
I love both the mountains and the beach.

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