Looking Ahead

Ideas I Want to Implement:

This is a glimpse into my plan book, I suppose. It shows how much I brainstorm, at least.

Spiral notebooking

(For keeping up with assignments and teaching the habit of taking ownership)

Update: I started this [notebooking] when we returned from spring break.  My son’s feedback: “Mommy, I like doing school this way better than the old way.”  That’s all I needed to know. The child is task oriented like his mommy and daddy.  He gets it honestly.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  He’s a chip off the old block… OK, you get it. 

The block schedule – Elsie at Farmhouse Schoolhouse does a wonderful job explaining how she implements this!  She is truly an inspiration and wonder!

            Below, I have my tentative block schedule for my family, suited for our needs.

7:00 Kids Wake Up

Morning Habits Block
morning chore
brush teeth
make bed
practice piano for 5 minutes  

BREAKFAST 8:00 (I eat beforehand)

8:00-9:00 *Morning Time

3-ring notebooks TABS entitled:  Hymns Sheet Music, Math Loop (hundreds chart, number of day, differentiated word problems from Bedtime Math), Ancient Times Study (maps, coloring pages, review cards), Memory Work, Teaching Others

Materials I need to get started: Simply CM Hymn study, Simply CM Picture Studies, Simply CM Music Studies, R.E.A.L Science- Earth and Environment, Pond and Stream Companion, The Story of the World, My Bible Story Coloring Book- The Books of the Bible, Catechisms, joke books, poetry books

Morning Time Block (during breakfast)
Materials: We will not need all of these materials each day, as we move through Math, Memory Work, and Beauty Loops

1)Memory work notebooks
2) 3 THREE-ringed binders with dividers: Hymns Sheet Music, Math Loop (hundreds chart, number of day, word problems), Ancient Times Study (maps, coloring pages, review cards), Memory Work, Teaching Others
3) Catechism (BOOK II)
4) Narration notebook (for me, to record all narrations)
5) Hymn Sing (Singing the Great Hymns)
6)Bible (My Bible Story Coloring Book)
7) Bedtime Math book
8) Story of the World book, maps, coloring sheets, questions
9) Colored pencils/crayons
10) Simply Charlotte Mason picture study portfolio/composer study materials
11) Joke book
12) Poetry book

Hymn Sing
*Memory work review Loop*(rotate subjects) Math/English-History/Timeline- Geography- Latin/Science (use memory work notebooks they can take notes/doodle inside)

*Math Loop* -Counting Exercise  -Number of the Day -Word Problem -Telling Time Practice

*Beauty Loop* -Picture study/music composer study combo -Joke book – Hymn study (to introduce the new hymn and to sing hymns learned) -Poetry  

Ancient Times Study – I need a three-ring binder to keep all materials 1) Map work (CC laminated blob map, Story of the World maps). Preschooler can decide which map to work on 2)Listen to Story of the World chapter (can work on coloring page at the same time) 3) Review Questions 4) Narrate (EVERY FOUR CHAPTERS, color REVIEW CARDS TOGETHER)  

Friday – No morning time block, but during breakfast, talk about upcoming week’s presentation and do Friday Exam (in memory work notebooks) to music

Morning Block Week

Child 1Math, Phonics/Reading Comprehension, Grammar, SpellingMath, Phonics/Reading Comprehension, Grammar, SpellingMath, Phonics/Reading Comp., Grammar, Spelling TestNATURE TRIP NATURE JOURNALING
Child 2Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Highlights, MathPhonics, Reading Comprehension, Highlights, MathPhonics Game, Reading Comp., Highlights, Play with Math ManipulativesNATURE TRIP NATURE JOURNALING

Morning Block Block  

Child 110:00
Math – Beast Academy Online and Beast Academy paper practice books
Phonics – AAR 1   Reading Comprehension – Beyond Little Hearts Emergent Readers & Questions/Narrations
Grammar -First Language Lessons
Spelling- Beyond Little Hearts List 2  
Child 2Phonics-AAR 1 OR Phonics GameReading Comprehension Narrations with Mommy and Child 1Highlights Pre-School Pack activity of choiceMath- Preschool Math at Home OR Play with Math Manipulatives




Read Aloud during and after we eat: Examples: Burgess Book, Story of the World Literature Suggestions


Afternoon Block Week

Child 1Science-  Pond and Stream (Term 1) REAL Science: Earth and Environment Level One (Term 2), Independent Reading + Narration (choice)Copy Work History Sentence, Independent Reading (choice) + NarrationScience, Independent Reading (choice) + NarrationHandicraft, Independent Reading + Narration (choice)Free Play
Child 2Science, Free PlaySensory Learning, Free playScience, Free PlayHandicraft, Free PlayFree Play
Child 3Science, Free PlaySensory Learning, Free PlayScience, Free PlayHandicraft, Free PlayFree Play


Afternoon Block 


Term 1 (Biology) – Pond and Stream

Resources needed for Biology Study: *Pond and Stream by Arthur Ransome—This delightful book is available free online at gutenberg.org.

*Pond and Stream Companion (Simply Charlotte Mason)

Favorite Poems Old and New selected by Helen Ferris

• Nature notebook, one for each person • Field guide for amphibians • Field guide for flowers • Field guide for birds

Note: There are 60 lessons in the Pond and Stream Companion. We will probably complete 32 lessons total (at two lessons per week), then move on to Earth Science to finish out the second half of science for the year (at two lessons per week). 

Term 2 (Earth Science) – R.E.A.L Science, Earth & Environment Level One

Note:  There are multiple labs involved.  I plan on taking one day to introduce the lesson and lab, and the other day science notebooking (based on that lab).  We will  probably get to about half of the lessons in the book, and I will handpick the ones that align with our CC Cycle 1 science memory work content. 

Note:   I do believe this is a secular, old earth science curriculum.  Heads up.  Just because it teaches from this perspective does not preclude anyone from using it as he or she sees fit.

  *Sensory Learning: wiki stix, play dough, sight words with play dough, Math Mat, Hands-On Science Bin (including human body model and body chart with organs), forming sight words with magnetic tiles, Tinkergarten activities.

*Handicraft: cutting with scissors, weaving with paper, woodworking kit, book making, making crafts for a craft fair, crochet (anyone want to teach us?), soap making, soap carving, LEGO building…does gardening count?.

*Copy Work: CC history sentence for the week. Start with print first, then move to cursive, when I see he is ready.

Child 1Science/Copy Work/HandicraftIndependent Reading from Book Bag (Science literature/biographies)
Child 2Science/Sensory Learning*/HandicraftFree Play
Child 3Science/Sensory Learning*/HandicraftFree Play

2:00-4:00 I try to do something for myself, at some point during this period.


Intentional End-Of-the-Day Recap on whiteboard.  Kids use section at end of morning time binder called “Teaching Others” to show what they have learned today.  Based on their drawings, they should be able to teach someone else. 

Tea Time (once/week) Thursdays (in place of intentional recap)

During Tea Time, we will share poetry we like (from First Language Lessons, Beyond Little Hearts, poetry books, etc.)


Blessing Hour and Piano Practice, Monday Taekwondo/Thursday Piano Lesson



& Our 24 Family Ways Devotion


After-Dinner Chores


Bedtime – read a short picture book aloud to all 3

Obviously, this is an “ideal”. We will not always get to everything, and there will be days that are completely “OFF”! I know that. I am not naive nor too idealistic. I just like to have something to aim for, so I can keep on towards the goal of giving my children the feast that is found in a CM and a classical education. I will try to keep you updated.