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All About Reading Level 1 changed our reading lessons.

All About Reading Level 1

The multi-sensory, phonics-based approach was just what my son needed.

All About Reading

All About Reading Level 2

Continuing on with Level 2 last year, I saw major growth in his reading ability and his love of reading for long periods of time. Note: Level does NOT indicate grade.

All About Reading Level 2 All About Reading

All About Reading Level 3

We plan to continue the journey next year. Reading is a skill that is sharpened through short, engaging lessons. Review is baked into each of All About Reading’s lessons. We practice new concepts using engaging games. I see my children’s confidence grow after practicing the fluency pages and reading to me from the fun readers.

All About Reading Level 3 All About Reading

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All About Spelling

We decided to incorporate spelling into our curriculum on a regular basis. This program has helped my son learn how to segment words. Since we began, he can now write down words I dictate aloud with ease.

All About Spelling