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Charlotte Mason Together Retreat in Georgia! 2020 was my first year attending.  I know, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This did not stop me (and many others) from attending, as the people at Simply Charlotte Mason did so well to safely accommodate varying comfort levels.  It was, truly, wonderful and exhilarating to have the weekend of refreshment and learning!  Thanks to my husband and parents-in-law for helping me attend.

Crate & Cottage  – perusing the latest design inspiration from Rachel Van Kluyve.

Writing new things.  I have been working on that.

Learning a new language with Duolingo.  I have the app on my mobile and am learning Portuguese.

Being an ongoing covenant member in a local body of believers (CHURCH).  I love my church family!

Travel with the family.  This was always a big part of my life growing up, and our family has continued the tradition as a party of 5.  Although I used to be “Queen of the Itinerary”, Andrew and I have learned to travel in a more open-ended manner in our mid-thirties, as parents of 3 young kids. Some of our favorite spots are our North Carolina coast and mountains.  We also love the low country of SC and GA, as well as the gulf coast of Florida (oh, and the Florida Keys!).  Having family in Colorado and Washington state, we love traveling the west, when we can. 

A nature group that meets weekly has been one of our staple communities for nearly two years, off-and-on.  Some of our favorite field trips have been going to a local farm to hold the lambs, hiking atop boulders and rushing water at a local municipal park, seeing living history (blacksmithing, woodworking, historic homesteads), and walking/riding bikes along the trail around our local lake in town.  Getting lost in nature in friends’ backyards has also been a favorite spot for this group.

Our Charlotte Mason book club that meets monthly is refreshing.  We read about four chapters each month from various CM and CM-inspired books.  We are currently reading A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola. 

I started reading this book on the way back from the Charlotte Mason Together 2020 Retreat.

For Refreshment

Risen Motherhood by Emily Jenson and Laura Wifler

Rhythms of Renewal  by Rebekah Lyons

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman   

Any good fiction novel!!! I like Ariel Lawhon’s books. We all need a little fiction to read. 

The Introverted Mom

Jamie C. Martin is the author of The Introverted Mom, and is self-described as “highly sensitive, introverted mom, who loves the countryside, writing, traveling and reading”. When I first heard her speaking last weekend on Your Morning Basket (Episode #95), I felt like she was speaking about ME.

I am an introvert, and I am fully aware of my need to recharge during the day. Kids are draining, and we all know that introverts are drained easily when they do not get a chance to recharge on their own.

Enter the Homeschool Mom Personality Quiz. Take it, and see for yourself what type of homeschool mom you are. Of course, Jamie doesn’t leave ya hanging there.

In my inbox, I received a PDF entitled “The HUGE List of True Self-Care Ideas for the Introverted Mom”. (“Mom Recharge” would have been sufficient). Reasons I like this list:

  1. It’s a checklist. I am task oriented, so BOOM. Done.
  2. The list is subdivided into categories like: If you have fifteen minutes or less: do xyz. If you have thirty minutes or less: do xyz.
  3. It gives me permission. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to step outside or read a chapter of a current book… am I right? This list gives me permission.

Go ahead, take the quiz and sign up to get the mom goodies. 🙂 I give you permission.

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